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Don't you just HATE days like that....how awful for you.

Thank goodness today is a new day and you start fresh!!

My day can't even TOUCH that day. It's Murphy's Law...everything that can go wrong...blah, blah, blah!

Tomorrow is going to be so much better. It has to be!!!

What a DAY... Gosh. I sure hope your day and weeks to come will be much better than that. We have 104 degree weather at the moment..I'd take the 80 degrees any day!

I am so sorry for your rough day, it sounds like everything that could go wrong did!

That was a bad day!! ((hugs)) I have to admit, I did chuckle when you described the dust shower coming from the fan. That was just the straw that broke the camel's back! I am so sorry! :{

OMG... you're freakin' hilarious!!! Your writing is just the best, in my opinion! So sorry for your bad day, my gosh! I kept thinking (as I was reading) - surely it can't GET any worse and lo and behold, it did. Crazy! You should seriously write a book or something. I'll be one of your first customers!

Hey, you mentioned breastfeeding in your post. I am starting to sell my baby tees with "The Breastaurant" logo on them and was wondering if I sent you a tee for little G if you'd take some photos of him wearing it as a baby model on my web site? Right now I just have Hunter wearing the tee. Email me and let me know.
The site: http://www.the-breastaurant.com


Oh Lisa...that is just horrible! You are totally getting raped by those crooks. Oh my word, I would be seething!!!! I totally agree on the imagery of feeding your baby in the heat...horrible, sweaty, sticky, cranky mess!

Oh Lisa....hang in there! Good thing you didn't pay those jerks. CROOKS! I hope it gets resolved soon and for a lot less money than that! It's so cold here in michigan, like only 30 degrees today. I wish I could bottle some cold air and send it your way!

Thanks for the pics!!! They are perfect!!! (I tried to reply to you from my yahoo email but it got rejected by comcast saying it was spam?!?! - I dunno.) But I wanted to make sure you knew I got them and LOVE them. I'm redesigning the site to accomodate the pics and new onesies. :-) Love the flame babylegs too! Those are awesome! (After I saw your post a while back with Little G's argyle BL, I ordered Hunter a pair the next day... :-)


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