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That is so cute! My daughter turned 2 on june the 29th and I can't believe how much she has changed. It's scary watching them grow up so fast but it's so worth it! Did you have an account with yahoo photos? I was browsing different albums the other day trying to get some ideas of how people set it out etc and there were about 30 or 40 different albums with photos of each month, I didn't browse them all but I thought I recognized you in one of the photos. I have no idea how to start up one of these blogs but I enjoy reading a few others in which I find it hard not to go back to, to see if there are any updates - you may think you are boring etc but what makes it interesting is you are different than everyone else with the style etc.

Hahaha that post really made me laugh!! Espcially her conversation! It is absolutely hilarious to watch your child when they think you aren't watching! And the same thing everyday to eat, I wouldn't worry too much about it cuz I have the same thing with Connor (my older one) I kid you not since the day Zach was born and I've been home for lunchtime Connor has wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich with cucumbers and tomatoes on the side! Everyday it never fails! The doc told me not to worry too much about it cuz at least he's getting his protein and some vegetables!! I feel the same way about posting my entries on the blog too cuz it's somewhat easier now that I'm pregnant again cuz I can talk about that too but before I didn't have much else going on with me, just taking care of my kids so I would mainly have pics up there and what not! But after complaining from some of my friends, I'm trying to post more about me and less about my kids! By the way G is absolutely adorable!!

Lisa? That is NOT boring or mundane...it cracks me up, you're awesome!

I love your site by the way. I love hearing about little G and your pregnancy. I can't wait to "meet" this new little one!!

I know the feeling... I haven't been able to think of anything worth blogging lately, either. MY life if mundane. You have a daughter who carries on bosses around inanimate objects. How can your life be boring?

Sorry about the grammar... Baby brain has set in

Pfffttt!! And you think you've got nothing to talk about... ;)

That is just the cutest thing about the beach ball!!

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